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Gradual Extension Into The Mobile Space

The assets in the Vision node of a project can’t be copied and pasted into the Perspective node of the project. The component pallets for each asset type are different. There is no 1 to 1 correlation between the components on the Vision component pallet and the components on the Perspective component pallet. Vision designer code can’t be automatically ported into the Perspective designer. A strategy we apply is to develop parallel islands of functionality

Another important point in the mobile sphere is access to the on board devices usually available on smart phone and tablets. For a perspective mobile application to access the phone or tablets on board devices (camera, accelerometer) it is necessary for the “app” to run from within the IA Perspective mobile app “container” application available free through the Apple app store or Google Play. Just using a browser on a mobile device and connecting to the Perspective application web page, will not expose access to the on-board devices present on the phone or tablet.

We recommend use of the IA Perspective Mobile “container” application for the following reasons:
1. Gate ways and projects can be selected.
2. Permissions to device level features is manage by the container app. (ex a Perspective application that includes bar code scanning, when the scanning function is initiated for the first time, user has to grant access to the camera feature in order for the camera to be started.)

We have found the following true: For perspective applications that don’t use on board device features (camera etc), opening pages from the web browser on the mobile device is sufficient to run the perspective app.

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