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Rich Wood – I grew up in New York and left home for College at 18. I moved to San Antonio after College to fulfill my military obligation. I got very interested in Commodore Basic in 1984 and began programming simple things. I was still in the military when White label Windows was released. I used a variety of first release Windows software applications to accomplish successful logistics management of a General Hospital in support of Desert Storm. My interest led to using higher quality tools like VB DOS, Visual Basic and C#. I completed my Microsoft certifications and began doing “hired gun” type development work in multiple industries starting with Sql Server, ASP, javascript, html .

My first project creating HMI was for the Goodrich Rohr / UTAS “plating line” in Riverside CA using VB4 (later moving to Ignition). In the last 5 years, my interest has turned to Integration projects, creating HMI using Ignition and mobile apps. With the advent of Xamarin Forms in Microsoft Visual Studio, cross platform C# app development using a single code base supporting multiple device platforms became a reality.

In practice, Integration is a big part of what I do. This includes Mobile with Ignition, ERP systems, digital document management systems, back office processes over Oracle, Sql Server, MySql and PostGRE SQL databases. 

Now that we have Ignition 8 with Perspective,  creating a hybrid mobile application as a stand alone ignition application or extending portions of an existing Vision application into the mobile space is a lot easier !

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