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It is easy to “spin up” Ignition Perspective mobile apps.

No matter how sophisticated your Ignition Perspective application is in the Designer, the end result for mobile use is a distillation down to the “currency” used by the world wide web.

Currency of the World Wide Web ?
When you view your Ignition Perspective application on your mobile device, you are viewing web pages made using languages the world wide web understands such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript all following the rules of http and https

How do you see your Perspective App on your mobile device?

There are 2 ways to use your Perspective Mobile Applications on your mobile device(s). Install the Ignition mobile “container” application from the App Store or Google Play (and configure) -or- use the web browser on the mobile device.



  1. Install the Ignition mobile application from the App Store or Google Play (videos below). Enter the gateway info into the ignition Perspective app. Lastly, launch your Perspective app shown from the list of applications . Note: when you use the Perspective mobile app Installed from the App Store or Play, the address bar (showing the web address of the page currently being viewed in a browser) does not show. For a walk through on a Perspective mobile application install and use, see the video “iOS device install and use” shown below .
  2. The second way to use your Perspective Mobile Application on your mobile device is to start a browser on your mobile device. For the fictitious GFP test app shown in this post, enter (send an email to admin at austinperspectivelabs dot com to get the gateway information. We watch requests for gateway creds and will respond as soon as possible )  into the web address text box. Press enter. (Bookmark the page now.) The login to the Perspective test app will show. Enter the login / password, press enter, the application starts.

In general, the web address convention to use on any mobile browser address line is

gateway host:port/perspective/client/your_perspective_project_name

The Difference Between The 2 ways:

The difference between the 2 ways is: if you use the browser, you can see the web address of each resource (in the Perspective test application) showing on the web browser address line. If you use the Perspective mobile “container” app (downloaded and installed from the App Store or Play) The web address of each resource does not show.  Also,  The perspective mobile app from the app store or google play must be used if your mobile application uses on-board device features on your phone or tablet such as camera, geolocation, acellerometer etc.  You can also add/manage gateways, choose projects to run using the perspective mobile container application.  

If your perspective app doesn’t use onboard devices, the fully qualified url (gateway host:port/perspective/client/your_perspective_project_name or specific view) is the only thing needed to get to the perspective app on the network with your ignition gateway.


We recommend using the IA Perspective Mobile Container App available from the App Store or Play to get access to all of your perspective mobile apps from your gateway(s)

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